A PROUD HISTORY: Educational Complex 132-134, located in capital Baku

For almost 160 years, this is not just a school, this educational establishment is also considered as a “brand” of Baku.

“132-134” – these numbers are well-known to each Baku citizen, therefore these numbers have been kept in the official name of Educational Complex, created on the basis of school No. 132 and the International Educational Complex (school No. 134 and kindergarten No. 57) after extensive overhaul and reconstruction work in 2010.

The building of Educational Complex 132-134, where thousands of people graduated, has an ancient and very interesting history.

By 1846, a women’s charity foundation in Russia called “Saint Nina” began a wonderful and necessary work for low-income families. In October 1861, the first branch of the “Saint Nina” charity society, functioned under the auspices of the Empress of that time Maria Alexandrovna was opened in Baku on the initiative and under the support of the military governor Tarkhan Mouravov. In 1862, for the first time in Baku, an educational establishment for girls (the first school for girls) was established under this society. The institution was managed by the governor’s wife, Baroness. At that time, the school was located in a wide garden area around the city.

In 1874, the school operating under the “Saint Nina” charity society received the status of a gymnasium and began to function as the Baku Girls’ Gymnasium.

In 1886, , the foundation of a two-storey school building was laid for the construction of “Saint Nina” Girls’ Gymnasium, near the castle walls of the Old City, in an area that used to be a threshing floor. The same year, by October 15, the society continued its activities in a two-storey, spacious, high-rise school building. It should be emphasized that, on the initiative of the Maecenas Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev, several Baku millionaires jointly with him have great contributions for the construction of this school building.

At that time, 150 girls were studying at the gymnasium. Teaching foreign languages was a special priority for girls. They were taught French, German and other languages here. The gymnasium was able to serve until 1918.

During 1918-1920, in the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic – the first secular democratic state in the Islamic East, the Military Academy operated in this building. The director of the Academy was the famous general Samed bey Mehmandarov, and his deputy was Aliaga Shikhlinsky, the other legendary military commander.

After a considerable time, during 1933-1937 an international school was functioning at this outstanding historical building.

From 1937 to September 2010, distinguished secondary schools No. 132 (Azerbaijan) and 134 (Russia) operated in this magnificent building.

In 1999 the school became an accredited member of UNESCO Associated Schools Network.

For the first time in Azerbaijan the Maternal School model has applied at the Educational Complex since 2004. Within the framework of this project, children are involved in school education starting the age of 3. Our Complex is the first educational institution where children 3-17 years old are studying. The primary goal of the French-style international, integrative “Maternal School” project is to educate children for school from early ages, as well as to teach them foreign languages and develop their personal potential.

In 2007, for the first time in Azerbaijan, a French-style International Educational Complex was created at the secondary school No. 134.

Baku International Educational Complex “Istedad” (school No. 134) won the contest “The Best Secondary School” held in 2008/2009 academic year.

In 2010, by a special order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, this ancient and gorgeous building was completely reconstructed and continues its successful functioning under the official name of Educational Complex 132-134, reflecting our commitment to our proud history and glorious education traditions.

Educational Complex 132-134 became an IB World School since 17 August 2017 (https://www.ibo.org/en/school/051228 ) and the school was authorized to offer the highly respected International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

The Educational Complex is successfully managed by Sara Khanlarova, an “Honored teacher” of the Republic, awarded the 3rd degree “Order of Labor” due to the order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, for her enduring and continuing efforts, as well as significant contributions in the development of Azerbaijan education.

Candidates of sciences, doctors of philosophy, experienced teachers, professionals awarded Honorary title “Honored Teacher” of the Republic, “The Taraggi Medal” of the Azerbaijan Republic, the badge of “Advanced education worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, “Decree of Honor” by the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan etc. for achievements in education, honored coaches are involved in teaching staff of our Educational Complex.

The school’s dynamic educational environment has continued to evolve. Besides studying foreign languages, our pupils have special opportunities to practice foreign countries’ best experiences.

Our graduates enter the most prestigious universities in Azerbaijan, as well distinguished foreign universities worldwide. Currently our graduates are successfully employed in several countries around the world.

One of the most delightful facts, that among famous graduates of this educational temple, the names of such outstanding people as prominent orientalist, scientist and public figure, professor Aida Imanguliyeva, Azerbaijani Soviet Air Force colonel and a Hero of the Soviet Union Adil Guliyev, Azerbaijani actress of theatre and cinema Leyla Badirbeyli, Minister of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic (2006-2021) Azad Rahimov, famous Azerbaijan actors Haji Murad Yegizarov, Tariyel Gasimov, Azerbaijani folk dancer Amina Dilbazi, hero-student Tofig Huseynov, National Hero of Azerbaijan Riad Ahmadov, likewise Martyrs of Azerbaijan’s 44-days Patriotic War and other exceptional personalities are always commemorated with honor and gratitude.

All over our history, the school community follows excellence, discipline, trust, responsibility, friendliness, creativity, team work, determination and high expectations in all we do. We keen to provide caring and supportive environment for teaching and learning, innovative, inclusive and rapidly improving quality education at early years, primary and secondary levels, as well as encourage students to be open minded, outward looking, and equipped to succeed in the modern world.