Ècole Maternelle

For the first time in Azerbaijan Ècole Maternelle model has applied at the Educational Complex since 2004. Within the framework of this project, children are involved in school education starting the age of 3. Our Complex is the first educational institution where children 3-17 years old are studying. The primary goal of the international “Ècole Maternelle” project is to educate children for school from early ages, as well as to teach them foreign languages and develop their personal potential.

The “Ècole Maternelle” project was set up in 1998, during Azerbaijani delegation’s study tour to France within international experience exchange program. On November 11, 2004, the French-style international and integrative “Ècole Maternelle” project was started at the Educational Complex. Ms. Sara Khanlarova, director of the Educational Complex 132-134, is a specialist of the French-style Ècole Maternelle system in Azerbaijan.

In September 2010, by a special order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the ancient and gorgeous building of the Complex was completely reconstructed and continues its successful functioning under the official name of Educational Complex 132-134. A new building with high standards has been built for the “Ècole Maternelle” inside the Complex.

The Ècole Maternelle is functioning based on its own special curricula and teaching programs. Currently, children are taught English and French. Additionally other foreign languages are planned to be added.

For the physical and psychological development of children swimming, dance, gymnastics and chess classes are held at the Ècole Maternelle, in addition to the main subjects scheduled in the curriculum.

According to the Complex Regulations, the admission process for Ècole Maternelle involves two steps: interview and examination. Children are being divided into groups based on their abilities, as well as typical physical and psychological features.

Within the Ècole Maternelle project, “Days of France” are regularly held at the Complex with the participation of the Ambassador of France in Azerbaijan.

In May 2011, on the invitation from Ecole des Roches, 18 students and 2 teachers of the Ècole Maternelle had a study tour to France for a linguistic exchange.

On March 2016 Educational Complex 132-134 was invited by Ecole de Roches, authorized to offer International Baccalaureate Programme. On this invitation a group of teachers of the Ècole Maternelle took part in a study tour in France on March 20-24, 2016 for a mutual experience exchange.

On March 2015, the French government awards the distinction of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques (Cavalier degree) to the director of Educational Complex 132-134, Ms. Sara Khanlarova for her enduring and continuing efforts and contributions in the development of the French language in Azerbaijan, as well as for the Ècole Maternelle (French model) project, the author of which she is. This esteemed award was presented  by Mr. Pascal Meunier, the ambassador of France in Azerbaijan, at French Embassy in Baku during Francophonie Week in 2015.