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Like every year, this year too, members of the “Small Academy” at the Educational Complex 132-134, has presented various research projects.

Working in 5 teams during a month, the 8th grade students explored such topics as water resources management, water saving etc. The research results were presented by interesting layouts. The project was realized under supervision of biology teacher Mrs. Rubaba Samadova.

On May 6, the educational project “Save water every time!” was presented by the members of the “Small Academy” on the topics management of water resources, economical and efficient use of water etc.

Based on the results of the research, students made presentations on the following topics:

Team 1: ” The most important natural resource of the Earth – Water ”

Team 2: ” Long and small natural water cycles ”

Team 3: ” Problems caused by water scarcity”

Team 4: “5 reasons why saving water is important”

Team 5: ” The Water in You: Water and the Human Body ”

The students discussed the topics, made interesting presentations and demonstrated models, posters, booklets they prepared.

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