On April 5, the 6th-grade students of the Educational Complex 132-134, made a presentation of their research project on “Azerbaijan’s National Parks and State Nature Reserves”. The project was realized under the guidance of Ms. Rubaba Samadova, Biology teacher.

Students made presentations on the following National Parks and State Nature Reserves in a team format, based on the results of the project research:

1) Team 1: Zagatala and Basitchay State Nature Reserves;

2) Team 2: Ilisu and Garayazi State Nature Reserves;

3) Team 3: Goygol National Park and Ismayilli State Nature Reserve;

4) Team 4: Kyzylagach National Park and Garagol State Nature Reserve;

5) Team 5: Shirvan and Shahbuz State Nature Reserves;

6) Team 6: Turyanchay and Pirgulu State Nature Reserves.

During presentations, students gave detailed information about the history, natural resources, fauna and flora of each National Park and State Nature Reserve.

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