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Educational Complex 132-134 hosted event “DEAR SHUSHA, YOU ARE FREE!”.

Event was held on May 6 and a documentary film “Shusha, you are free!” was screened for the students. The film includes interviews with brave Azerbaujan soldiers and officers who carried out the victorious Shusha operation, as well as exclusive footage taken during the operation.

History teachers Ms. Samadova Tunzala, Ms. Khalilova Parvana and Mr. Abdullayev Elshan delivered memorable speeches, informing students about the history of Karabakh and Shusha city, its geographical significance and mental value for Azerbaijan people. It was mentioned that this year Shusha welcomed the 8th of May as a proud and victorious city and November 8 will forever remain in the history of Azerbaijan as the day of our glorious victory.

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