Participating in the “The RoboGames 2022” STEAM competition, organized by the Ministry of Science and Education, ADA University, and “Mars Academy” on December 24–25, “TechnoCity” team of Educational Complex 132-134 has shown successful results.

“RoboGames 2022: Smart City” is a local robotics project competition, organized for the first time for high school students aged 10 to 16. “RoboGames” is an unusual experience that introduces students to real-world scientific and technological problems in a fun environment and enriches students’ worldview by exploring their solutions.

The competition was held over 2 days at ADA University with 40 teams, 201 participants, and team leaders from public and private educational institutions. The teams assembled robots programmed to solve the stated “Smart City” missions using special “Lego Mindstorms ev3” kits, and demonstrated creativity by using more efficient resources with digital solutions.

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