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On May 22, the traditional “France Day” was hosted at the Educational Complex 132-134 as part of the French language and Francophonie week.

Mrs. Ann Buayon, the Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan, Vazeh Askarov, the executive director of the Azerbaijan-French University, the chairman of APFAZ, Gulbeniz Jamalova, the coordinator of the French language at the Institute of Educational Problems, Azelma Hasanova, and many other invited guests attended the event.

Firstly, the guests were introduced to the Educational Complex’s structure, classrooms, the Complex’s history museum, the teaching process in “French model” classrooms, and had conversations in French with Complex students. The guests were happy to learn that children speak French freely and fluently from a young age.

Later, a celebration-event for “France Day” took place in the Complex’s Assembly Hall.

The students of the Educational Complex performed a literary and artistic composition dedicated to various examples of French and Azerbaijan culture, sang songs in French, recited poems, performed skits and displayed a visual example of Azerbaijan-France friendship and cultural cooperation on the stage.

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